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Commercial Work in Every County is Billed Hourly at $95/hour,
Plus Copies at $1.00/page

Effective May 10, 2018

Counties Covered for Title Work:

Norfolk, Suffolk, Barnstable, Plymouth, Worcester (North and South), Middlesex (North and South),
Essex (North and South), Bristol (North and South)

Schedule of Fees:

Full Title (50 Year Search) $175.00

Condo (Master Deed/Decl. Forward) $175.00

Current Owner Rundown $75.00

Two Owner Rundown $95.00

Plot Plan $135.00

Recorded Land Recording $45.00

Registered Land/Land Court Recording $75.00

Document Retrieval $10.00

Exhibit A $15.00

Probate Fee (per probate) $25.00

Bristol Probate Fee (per probate) $35.00

Commercial/Hourly Research $95.00/hr

Note: All fees do not include copy costs. Copies are $1/page in every County.

There is no fee to e-mail titles.

Titles will be emailed as a PDF attachment when completed.

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